Wednesday, 3 September 2014

If Your iPhone Lightning Cable Breaks or Burns…

iPhone Lightning cable breaks or burns – and this is not even surprisingly any more. Where to buy iPhone 5 charging cable that will not get damaged too quickly? Is there a way how you can prevent your frayed cable from becoming useless? Right now a lot of users complain about frayed Lightning cables that can’t be fixed any more even though Apple promises to release a durable and high-quality accessory for its iPhone.

Customers whose iPhone Lightning cable has burnt are surely looking for a good replacement that can serve longer and better. Since there is no other way how you can fix frayed Lightning cable than purchasing a new one, you can follow this guide and avoid damaging your cable in the future.

 Frayed iPhone Lightning Cable Breaks / Burns [How to Prevent This]

We will not tell you where to buy Lightning USB cable for iPhone because there are a lot of stores and places where such cables are sold. You can choose your cable based on the price you like, while we tell you what to do if your iPhone Lightning cable breaks.

Method 1

Users who wish their cable to serve longer are highly advised to add springs at cable’s two ends. This way you can be sure that it will not twist or get bended as twisting is one of the main reasons why iPhone Lightning cable breaks.

Method 2

Users whose cable is frayed can apply tapes around the damaged areas. But such a solution is not the best though iPhone owners use it once in a while.

Method 3

It is better to take a frayed cable with your iPhone to Apple store and have it replaced.

Method 4

Customers who can’t visit Apple store have to purchase a new iPhone cable.

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