Sunday, 21 September 2014

How to Install iOS 8 on iPhone

The official release iOS 8 is introduced on September 17th. And you can install the final version right now. So if you can’t wait for a few more days then here are the simple steps to install iOS 8 on your device right now. It is very important to take a backup of your device using iCloud or iTunes. You can refer to this guide if you need any help.

How to download iOS on you iPhone or iPad

Download the appropriate iOS 8 firmware file for your iOS device. Make sure that Apple has designated your device as eligible for iOS 8.

•    You should definitely back up your data, before you start the installation. If  your data is safely backed up, start the download. Your phone is ready for the update. Now your Settings icon will show a little red number over it.
•    Then find the "General" pane. If the iOS 8 update is in there, you will again have a notification.
•    Tap on "Software Update."
•    If you get the update, you will see this screen, except with "iOS 8". Be sure you are connected to reliable Wi-Fi. The download will take some time and energy from your device battery. Click on "Download and Install."
•    Agree to the Terms and Conditions


How to install iOS 8 on iPhone

Download iOS 8 and follow this instructions:

•    Extract the .ipsw file from the dmg file. If you’re on a Mac, double click on the file to mount the dmg file. You will see the new mount under Devices in the Finder app, which has the .ipsw file. If you’re on Windows, you will need to use tools like7-Zip to do this, and will need to open the .hfs inside the .dmg as well. Copy the .ipsw file to your Desktop.
•    Now open iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad to your computer.
•    Hold down on the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and click on theCheck for Update button in the Summary tab.
•    Browse to the .ipsw file and select it and wait for the update to finish.
•    If necessary, restore your device from the previous backup and sync with iTunes.

That's it! Enjoy all the advantages of  iOS8!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Watch What Could Be The First Ever iPhone 6 Video Review

Apple is always secret about its next products but a lot of sources have already leaked different iPhone 6 real look pics mixed with predictions, rumors and fakes. What does the real iPhone 6 look like? One new Chinese video in Mandarin shows what is believed to be the first iPhone 6 video review.

You can also get a look at this possibly first review of iPhone 6 as on Tuesday, September 9, Apple told us its secret and demonstrated the 100% real new iPhone 6 and iOS 8. Now everyone is waiting for iOS 8 jailbreak and iPhone 6 release to the public.

This is not the first iPhone 6 on video posted on YouTube. A team from Russia have assembled or got somewhere another “iPhone 6” claiming that it’s also real. Still nothing is confirmed about all these videos, so you can simple watch them to get an idea what to expect this week, but don’t take them as truth because we can’t confirm these leaks to be real yet.

The device shown in the videos below looks to get the Passbook icon, different Home screen layout, Touch ID sensor, new camera, different applications such as Health, Stock and others. Since the video is created in Mandarin and there are no English subtitles it is hard to figure out what is said about this gadget.
This could be a real iPhone 6 or its clone with iOS skin and Android platform.

Different iPhone 6 Video Review Lists

Video 1:
Video 2:
Video 3:
Video 4:
Video 5:
Video 6:

What do you think about all these videos? Does this iPhone look like the next generation smartphone from Apple or not?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

If Your iPhone Lightning Cable Breaks or Burns…

iPhone Lightning cable breaks or burns – and this is not even surprisingly any more. Where to buy iPhone 5 charging cable that will not get damaged too quickly? Is there a way how you can prevent your frayed cable from becoming useless? Right now a lot of users complain about frayed Lightning cables that can’t be fixed any more even though Apple promises to release a durable and high-quality accessory for its iPhone.

Customers whose iPhone Lightning cable has burnt are surely looking for a good replacement that can serve longer and better. Since there is no other way how you can fix frayed Lightning cable than purchasing a new one, you can follow this guide and avoid damaging your cable in the future.

 Frayed iPhone Lightning Cable Breaks / Burns [How to Prevent This]

We will not tell you where to buy Lightning USB cable for iPhone because there are a lot of stores and places where such cables are sold. You can choose your cable based on the price you like, while we tell you what to do if your iPhone Lightning cable breaks.

Method 1

Users who wish their cable to serve longer are highly advised to add springs at cable’s two ends. This way you can be sure that it will not twist or get bended as twisting is one of the main reasons why iPhone Lightning cable breaks.

Method 2

Users whose cable is frayed can apply tapes around the damaged areas. But such a solution is not the best though iPhone owners use it once in a while.

Method 3

It is better to take a frayed cable with your iPhone to Apple store and have it replaced.

Method 4

Customers who can’t visit Apple store have to purchase a new iPhone cable.