Wednesday, 27 August 2014

iTunes 12 Release Date Will be After iTunes 12 Beta

The next iTunes 12 update should offer an interesting design, great features and other enhancements. Apple is now working on this popular program for computers. It has recently offered a new iTunes 11.3.1 release which should help improve the overall impression from iTunes.

According to different public sources, iTunes 12 beta PC update looks elegant. It makes it possible to share your purchases of games, applications, movies, books and anything else you can get from this store with your family members which was impossible in previous versions of iTunes.

The program will make it easier to organize the library you have. The whole experience should be bright, pleasant and pleasing. The well-known iPhone maker is working on all its products to make them simpler and more enjoyable.

Windows version of iTunes has been completely redesigned. It should look cleaner and show only useful information. It has also become much easier to add your beloved tunes and tracks to your playlists because they are located side by side with your library. This is a great addition from the Cupertino-based giant!

While iTunes 12 beta download links for Windows are not available to public, you can read more about the upcoming changes thanks to developers and testers. Apple is now improving its new iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, iTunes, iPhone 6 and a lot of other things we will soon see in reality.

For now you can be sure that iTunes 12 beta release means that the final version is coming soon and the company is doing big progress on updating it and preparing it for public launch this fall.

If you are a developer you can test iTunes 12 beta after you install it using Updates menu or through Software Update option.

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