Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Install iTunes 11.3.1 [The Most Recent iTunes Version for Windows and Mac]

Apple offers the new iTunes update to its users with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This program is a desktop one that offers different options for iOS users. If you haven’t had time to install iTunes 11.3.1, you can update now to get all the extras and improvements.

iTunes 11.3.1 release solves the problems with podcasts. If you download and listen to podcasts you might like to download this program right away as it should make your experience much better. Users noticed problems with podcasts in previous versions of iTunes, and now you are welcome to get the latest update that is meant to fix iTunes bugs found earlier.

Some people noted that they couldn’t get new episodes being adding automatically once they subscribed for new podcasts. This problem should be gone in iTunes 11.3.1 release. Besides, the program should not freeze when you select your podcasts from your list.

According to the report, the latest [most recent] iTunes version addresses the bu with subscribed podcasts and program not responding when you browse podcasts episodes.

What else does Apple offer in its iTunes launch? This update comes with some new Extras for your HD movies. The company earlier promised that uses will get extra videos, great photos, behind-the-scenes access and other things with HD movies, and it seems that such changes begin to arrive.

If you have some HD movies in your gallery, you will not have to pay for Extras. The changes should become available to you right after you install iTunes 11.3.1.

You can get the new version in Software Update. Note that the file size is 82.3MB.

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