Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How to Replace iPhone 5S Display Easily

Customers who purchased their iPhone 5S and experience problems with the screen can replace display on iPhone 5S with Apple’s help. The company offers the replacement program in its retail stores. The similar program was offered for the iPhone 5c models throughout 2014.

According to different sources, iPhone 5S display replacement deal begins on August 4, 2014. The famous iOS company should start offering iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C replacements in its stores beginning on Monday.

Right now Apple Stores are accepting a big number of screens for the iPhone 5S. This happens right in time for the program to start. Once it begins, it will mean that you can go to any Apple Store in order to replace your iPhone 5S screen if you need to. All the stores should offer the same service this August.

The whole program takes place in the U.S. stores only. It is currently unknown whether the iPhone maker is going to offer iPhone 5S screen replacement in foreign countries where consumers might also need to change their display.

Unfortunately, you cannot replace your iPhone display for free. Apple will charge you about $150 for the iPhone 5S display replacement.

Beginning on August 4, you can go to any Apple Store in the U.S. and pay $150 to have your display replaced by the company’s service department. You can also replace your smartphone, but this will cost $250.

The offer is great for users with a broken iPhone 5S screen who wish to continue using their handset but don’t want to purchase a new device.

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