Sunday, 13 July 2014

iTunes 11.3 Download for Mac and Windows PC

Apple has launched iTunes update. The version 11.3 can be downloaded by both Mac and Windows users. The program comes with some extra options which you can get once you install iTunes 11.3 on your computer.

iTunes is used for listening to music, downloading apps, books, games and videos by iPhone and iPad owners. It is necessary to get iTunes 11.3 download if you are going to unlock or jailbreak your iDevice. You can also upgrade if you wish to see what the new options are. You can also find out how to unlink account in iTunes (if such info is interesting for you).

The update offers some extra features for HD films. For example, you can get some short movies, extra scenes, images, commentaries and behind-the-scenes extras along with your HD movie. All the options are available to Apple TV users as well once they update their software to version 6.2. Besides, all the new iTunes 11.3 extra features will be offered to iOS 8 users this fall.

Users who have downloaded HD videos in the past can now get the extras for their previous purchases for free, but only once this extra information is available.

How can you update your iTunes to version 11.3? Go to your Mac App Store to get the latest release through Software Update or use these direct links to download the program update directly on your Windows or Mac:

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