Saturday, 14 June 2014

iOS 8 Credit Card Reader API Is Real

There will be no need to enter your credit card information on the iPhone and iPad with new iOS 8 payments feature introduction. The option that can scan credit card on iPhone is built into Safari browser that works together with your iPhone camera. The same thing works for the tablet devices. 

If you take a risk and update to iOS 8 you will notice the difference as your device will easily adjust to the iPhone camera iOS 8 update and let you scan the credit cards without any difficulties. The option is turned on automatically as you will see the possibility of scanning your card right on the virtual keyboard once you launch Safari and open a page that asks for your credit card. 

Improved iPhone iOS 8 Camera Scans Your Credit Card

iOS 8 credit card reader api is an good introduction. Finally users with Apple gadgets will be able to use their camera for quick online purchases. The camera will simply take a picture of your number and the special recognition system will automatically enter the card’s owner name. 

We all know that Apple is now talking to different big retail companies along with PayPal to offer customers the option to make online purchases with the iPhone 5S / 5C and iPad not only in the Apple stores but also in third-party stores.  What do you think about such opportunities? Can they change your shopping experience for better?

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