Saturday, 14 June 2014

If I get “Cannot Connect to App Store” Message in iTunes and from iPhone

There is no need to worry if you see “Cannot Connect to App Store” message on your iDevice. It doesn’t matter what Apple product you are using. There might be problems once in a while when you are trying to download iOS apps from the store.  

Apple has had a problem recently with App Store being down. Such App Store error popped up on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computers with iTunes. Windows and OS X owners were troubled with the bug however Apple got all the complaints from its users about “Cannot Connect to App Store” issue and the problematic message showed by the iTunes and solved this bug.

June 2014 App Store Outage Problems

Problems with the App Store are fixed by now, but if you still get such an error you should just wait for a while, as the company fixes its services pretty quickly. 

Do not rely on iCloud system status webpage created by Apple as it doesn’t always show the correct status of the service work. For example, this June bug with the iTunes and App Store app download wasn’t displayed on this page. It kept saying that the services were not interrupted while thousands of people couldn’t update, download and even browse the official iOS store.

Soon this App Store outage was fixed. Everything was done quietly and quickly.

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