Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How You Can Damage Your iPhone 5 Charging Circuitry

Users who like to use third-party iPhone 5 charge cable can damate their iDevice. Such warning was shared by Apple which reminds consumers about the problems that could be created by not original iPhone 5 damage power adapter use.

According to the Cupertino giant, different unauthorized adapters are not safe and can burn your gadget or even cause electrocutions. The company assures that accessories sold in the market that weren’t approved by the iPhone maker can harm your iPhone 5 chip.

iPhone 5 damage charging problems are not that common. Such issues might happen and might not happen to you. Still if you purchase cheap USB cables and low-cost charging adapters you are at higher risk of damaging your U2 IC processor located on the smartphone’s logic board than customers who prefer using the original and expensive Apple adapters.

If you experience the following iPhone 5 charging issues, you might have already damaged your cell phone. This includes the inability for the iPhone to boot up. The damage can also cause the fails for charging past one per cent once your battery has drained. Since the U2 IC processor is responsible for the correct functioning of the USB, battery and even the Sleep / Wake button. Even if you try to replace the battery, your handset will work until this new battery is depleted. Then the problem continues.

According to experts from the UK iPhone 5 damaged charging port might be a rare problem yet it exists and it is experienced by customers who purchase third-party cables and chargers. The cheap accessories cannot regulate voltage the correct way causing faults and issues.

You can continue taking risks with cheap chargers and USB cables or use the original products created by Apple that protect the smartphone from being damaged.

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