Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to Save Offline Google Maps on iPhone

Google Maps is a popular application for different platforms, including iOS devices. The company has just update it to version 3.0 and added save maps offline iPhone mode. You can easily follow the guide and use this feature as often as you need.

Previous releases made users use Ok Maps option which wasn’t too comfortable and fast. Now this has changed and you can save offline maps on iPhone simply and quickly. Once you create Google Maps offline save location you can view it without Internet connection. Such method can save you a lot of money and time when you have a foreign trip or bad data connection.

Offline Google Maps Save Instruction for iPhone

 Step 1. Launch Google v.3.0 Maps on your iDevice.

Step 2. Find the place or location you wish to save for offline map use.

Step 3. To safe offline Google Maps, you need to click on the location information sheet that is located at the display’s bottom and scroll until you find “Save map to use offline” menu. Click on it.

Step 4. Confirm that you wish to save the map. Zoom if you need to.

Step 5. Now click the Save button.

Step 6. Create the name for your Google offline map: just enter it and save.

Step 7. Where are offline maps saved? You can find them by clicking on the search field under Offline Maps.

Enjoy using this method!

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