Friday, 13 June 2014

How to Bypass Lockscreen on iPhone in 5 Seconds

More iOS 7 bugs found lately, one of them is another iOS 7 lockscreen bypass 2014 program for different iPhone models.

While Apple was busy introducing iOS 8 and developers paid all their attention to this major firmware update that should become officially available later this year, another iOS 7 lockscreen bypass 2014 issue is discovered. There is even one video that shows how to bypass lockscreen on iPhone 5 or other models in just 5 seconds!

The bypass is very simple which means Apple customers are not protected as they might think. Anyone who knows how to use the buy to access your iPhone can actually access your iPhone files with ease. 

There are surely some circumstances under which hacker or some other attacker can get the hold of your iPhone. Here is how this bad discovery works in practice.

How to Bypass Lockscreen on iOS 7 Devices

Step 1. You call the iPhone. Don’t pick up the phone call.
Step 2. For example, you are in Notification Center and this call is missed.
Step 3. iOS 7 firmware enables Control Center on your lockscreen. So you can lock your gadget with ease.
Step 4. Whoever accesses your device using this iOS 7 lockscreen problem [just launch Control Center and select Airplane mode – Notification Center – missed call] can also see the last app launched to the full.

You can always disabled your Control Center on the iPhone lockscreen using Settings. Stay extra protected to prevent third-party people from using your gadget’s personal information.

To get a better idea of this issue you can watch iOS 7 lockscreen bug on YouTube:

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