Friday, 27 June 2014

Google Offers New Gmail APIs for App Developers

If you are developing iOS and Google apps, games you should know about new APIs released by Google for Gmail.

Google has changed some rules for its developers introducing the new Gmail APIs for developers who create games and applications. This update helps to make programs that are not limited by IMAP used previously by them for linking emails to servers in an ordinary way.

IMAP has been designed to do its task and now des are welcome to go beyond the limitations with new Google APIs. (You can also read about iOS 8 API credit card, the new feature from Apple). With the recent introduction you get more options because these new Gmail APIs allow getting RESTful access to the list of emails using the authentication known as OAuth 2.0. Putting everything in simple way, if you develop for different platforms, iOS, Android, Windows etc. you can make your applications and games much better allowing your customers [users] controlling how to have the email accessed.

You can Google the new APIs for Gmail and get more information about these changes. This is surely more interesting to devs than ordinary users. How will this change the apps and games? We don’t know yet but it will be interesting to see all the future improvements.

While devs get the new information, some hackers keep working on iOS 8 jailbreak. There is no exploit release for public yet and we will not see one until Apple releases this new firmware in September. Evad3rs are expected to present the solution this year still users are following the new players in the jailbreaking community, hackers from China who launched their Pangu iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak earlier this week making millions of users happy as this is the untethered solution and the only program that can jailbreak firmware 7.1.1 these days.

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