Thursday, 19 June 2014

Easy iPhone Remote Access to Mac and PC

Sometimes you need to quickly gain the remote access from the iPhone to PC or Mac. What is the easiest way of getting to this purpose? You can either search Cydia store if you are jailbroken or find other applications useful for non-jailbroken smartphones. Our method is for everyone as you can install this great app no matter if you are jailbroken or not and have iPhone distant access to Mac and PC. 

This might not be the cheapest solution. In fact, Parallels Access is very expensive but it provides you with a remote access from iPhone to Mac OS X and other computers which is your goal. The program was first introduced to tablet devices and is now available for the Apple smartphones as well. 

iPhone remote access to PC is similar to the iPad version of this application. You can use your desktop from the smartphone and this is easy. According to developers, they did a great job by bringing the fast distant access from mobile gadgets to computers. 

You can adjust resolution settings, access different folders and files on your computer and even wake up the remote machine. Devs have also added an option for Facebook distant login from the handset and a feature that turns your cell phone into the microphone for computer applications. 

You are able to get iPhone remote access to Mac and Windows computers for $19.99 as this is the annual Parallels Access subscription for getting access to 5 computers from one account. You can download the app for free from here [the download itself is free].

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