Sunday, 22 June 2014

Big Sale on EA iOS Games in India: Buy Each for $0.99

iPhone and iPad iOS 7 users have a good opportunity of getting some popular EA iOS games 2014 for as low as $0.99 while their regular prices are around $10 in India. The company has a huge list of 50+ games on sale, but it is not known when this offer is over. So take your time, read the titles and get what you like while the prices are cheap.

EA games iOS app promotion takes place a couple of times within a year. Users who didn’t like the original price on Battleship, Monopoly, Dead Space and a lot of other games can now download them for just 1 buck. Such EA iOS games sale is a great time for everyone who likes EA creations but believes the regular prices are too high.

We’ll list some other apps you can find on sale from this developer. All these EA games app are on sale now. You can get Need for Speed Most Wanted if you like races or choose another title from this series: Need for Speed Shift and Hot Pursuit.

You can also download $0.99 EA games for iPhone such as Monopoly Millionaire along with other Monopoly releases by this developer, the popular Tetris game, The Sims Medieval.

What else can you search the iTunes or App Store for? The $1 titles also include Boggle, NBA Jam, Skate It, Yahtzee HD version, Reckless Racing, and a lot of other games for different platforms, including iOS 7. Grab what you like while the offer is still available. It will not last forever!

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