Monday, 12 May 2014

Nintendo Network Service for iPhone Unveiled

Fans for Mario Kart for iPhone can smile as this game is to be soon released for the web-based service from Nintendo that is optimized for iDevices and other smartphones. The company has unveiled the new Nintendo network for iPhone and other gadgets.

Nintendo is planning to coincide its new service with the popular game. Mario Kart 8 is coming soon. Nintendo service for smartphones is designed to help users upload videos and view them. Everyone will be able to watch gameplay videos along with other data. Users who have a Network ID get more opportunities. They will be able to watch friends’ activity, start rankings etc.

Some gamers love Mario Kart and other games so much they use Nintendo emulator for iPhone and iPad with no jailbreak. Others keep hoping that their beloved apps will one day come to their smartphone or tablet device.

The company’s new project should provide more people with access to the official videos, tournament information and rankings. It took the firm 4 months to present this project as it was mentioned by the company’s president Satory Iwata as the future “business structure” back in winter.

Nintendo is asked to create iOS games by its investors. Maybe they will sooner or later. For now, you can either play games using emulators and get news, videos and other content through the online service.

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