Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Buy Apple iPhone 5c 8GB in India Soon

Apple fans from India will soon be able to purchase the 8GB iPhone 5c model. The Cupertino-based giant it planning to bring this smartphone to India soon. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, local sales of the iOS smartphones increased in this country. As he mentioned during Q2 conference, these sales had more than doubled.

Apple hopes that a lot of “next billion” cell phone consumers are to come from India, maybe this is why the company wants to release its cheaper version of iPhone in this country. It will be colorful and low-cost thanks to lower storage capacity.

It is not clear when exactly you can buy iPhone 5c 8GB in India and Apple doesn’t mention its 8GB iPhone 5c price in this country yet. The launch is coming “soon” but when this “soon” is we don’t know.

The first 8GB model of the colorful fruit handset was released in the UK in March [it costs £29 upfront and £27 per month at Three]. Then it appeared in other European countries. American cannot purchase this model in the U.S. and there is no word when it could be present on the shelf of U.S. retailers.

Once we know the iPhone 5c release date in India we’ll let you know. Stay in touch to know when it is time to buy a lower priced Apple smartphone in your country.

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