Monday, 10 March 2014

Non Retina 13 Inch MacBook Pro Production Stops: High Resolution Apple Screen Line

The production of MacBook Pro with 13-inch non-Retina screen is to be stopped by Apple. Such a report has been shared by different experts and news sites. It looks like the production will be ceased in late 2014.
Rumors suggest that Apple will stop the release of 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro in favour for notebooks with thinner Retina displays. A lot of customers wish to purchase the Retina MacBook Pros OS X. This is why the company is probably going to give more attention to popular and high demanded products instead of concentrating on the broad line of available devices.

Today this computer is the only MacBook Pro without a high-resolution screen. Its “brother” with the 15-inch display is discontinued by now.

The Retina lineup should be left with no more old models. The price on MacBook Pro Retina 2014, according to the information from the previous year devices, is about $100 more than the version without high res screen.

For example, the Retina 13-inch version was $1,299 in October. It will surely be MacBook Pro high resolution best buy once all the low resolution notebooks are no longer produced. Both 13-inch, 15-inch screen gadgets should get the new Intel’s processors. It is not known when exactly the new chips are to be introduced.

We’ve heard that the new Retina MacBook Pro with 13 inch display might get its powerful processor in the beginning of 2015 while the 15-inch model might be officially introduced in 2014.

What device do you prefer to purchase? Do you think all the modern notebooks must be Retina devices? It looks like the Cupertino-based tech company is to launch a computer with a 12-inch screen later this year. Getting a broader choice of MacBooks is a nice step, especially, if all the versions get high res display resolution.

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