Sunday, 9 March 2014

IconLock7 Cydia Tweak Protects Apps from Being Deleted and Removed

No one can delete and remove your apps without the passcode once you install IconLock7 jailbreak tweak on your iOS 7 device

Jailbreak tweak IconLock7 for protecting app icons from being deleted is free to download from the Cydia store. It now supports the latest firmware and iPhone 5S. It’s a great application for parents whose children like to use their iPads and iPhones.

 The Cydia tweak is simple. You can install it and configure your programs and games from being moved / deleted. You can set up a passcode required for such manipulations. In other words, whenever you choose to move an app or delete iOS7 programs from your iDevice you will have to confirm this action by entering the passcode.

Prevent iOS 7 Icons from Deleting and Moving Using IconLock7 Tweak

You can safely give your device to anyone now as all your apps / games / tools / programs will be safe. You won’t have to worry about someone accidentally deleting iOS 7 app icons. You will see a pop-up box on your iPhone or iPad Home screen which pops up when you are trying to delete or move something where you can enter your passcode.

 Just create a passcode you’ll remember [be attentive]. As if you make a mistake the app will not ask to verify the passcode.

Settings application doesn’t get a pane for IconLock7. This is the lack of this application. You can’t delete passcode and reset it. You just need to reinstall the jailbreak tweak in order to create a new passcode in case you forget the old one.

Since this jailbreaking app is free to get you can test it to see whether you can protect your iDevice from others. It might not be a security feature but it is good for anyone whose kids play with the Apple smartphones and tablets.

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