Saturday, 22 February 2014

iOS 7.1 Bug Fixes for iOS 7 Devices

Yesterday we’ve learned that the new iOS 7.1 should be released in March. A lot of reports on this firmware launch name the same time period – the beginning of the spring. iOS 7.1 release will not bring a lot of new features even though this will be major update of Apple firmware. But it should provide a lot of iOS 7 bug fixes discovered in iOS 6.x versions of the operating system for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

What problems are the biggest ones that require the Cupertino-based company’s attention? Hopefully, such problems as “Screen of Death”, battery issues and security holes will be fixed by iOS 7.1 release.

iOS 7 Bug Fixes in iOS 7.1 Release 

 All the problems mentioned do affect the performance of the “fruit” smartphones and tablets. A lot of owners of the handset 5 / 4S / 4 complained their battery drained too fast even when they didn’t use their iDevice. This is not the only complaint received by Apple company and mentioned in discussions across the firmware v.7. 

The white [sometimes black] “Screen of Death” was faced by a lot of people who have updated to iOS 7 and whose battery life dropped down to below 30 percent. This creepy issue can’t make users happy. Do you agree? The problem with motion sickness isn’t that terrible if comparing to the iPhone Screen of Death but it’s also unpleasant. Having a frozen smartphone isn’t that nice at all.

Other problems are also faced by iDevice users. For example, a lot of them came up with different security problems including the Touch ID issue that allows anyone to bypass it using jailbreak tweaks. Another issue is about Find My iPhone app used for finding a lost / stolen smartphone. This application can be turned off without the user’s password on iOS 7.0.4 gadgets. 

We believe most of these problems will be solved once version 7.1 becomes public.

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