Friday, 28 February 2014

How to Play Nintendo Games on iPhone / iPad without Jailbreaking

Play Nintendo Games on iOS Devices

Nintendo games and consoles are really popular among a lot of gamers, however, not every person chooses to purchase it. There is a way how to play Nintendo games on iOSdevices. You even don’t need to jailbreak in order to run such games on your iPhone or iPad.

Here is how to upload NES ROMs on your gadget. It’s important to note that you won’t play as if you are actually using Nintendo DS or other console. You will play via your Safari browser on the Apple smartphone or tablet.

No Jailbreak Needed

Previous emulators worked either as hidden apps or jailbroken applications. Unlike them, webNES works through Dropbox letting you enjoy Nintendo games on iPhone / iPad and do other things. For example, you can load ROMs at no-cost after you add NES ROM to a Dropbox folder.

It is easy to select a game for playing. Press the PLUS sign at the top corner of your webNES app and start playing Nintendo games on iDevice. You might experience some bugs since you are using the game inside Safari browser on iOS but you don’t risk by jailbreaking if you are not a fan of this process.
By the way, you can use webNES in Google Chrome or any other mobile browser.

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