Monday, 30 September 2013

How to Unlock iOS 7.0.2 Lock Screen

Users who have updated to the latest firmware of iOS 7 are now facing a new bug. The Lockscreen vulnerability in this operating system can’t guarantee your data safety. Third-party people are able to access your smartphone through taps… Apple will surely have to release iOS 7.0.3 version soon to fix this problem while iPhone owners should be careful.

It is hard to say how hackers and other people discover holes in Apple’s mobile firmware versions. Even though it is a complex method some might use it and get into your device passing your lockscreen feature without a passcode. The issues was discovered by Dany Lisiansky who figured out it was possible to launch your iPhone application with the help of Siri assistant on the lockscreen.

This method will not give you access to anything besides the iPhone unlock program which gives you information about contacts and allows sending text messages and placing phone calls. Such discovery couldn’t make Apple happy about its work. The new threat in the “secure” firmware takes all the security options down. They can be ineffective when it comes to protection your personal information and money.

Have you installed iOS 7.0.2? See the iOS 7.0.2 lock screen bug in action.

Step 1. Having locked screen place a call using Siri / Voice Control.
Step 2. When you see the FaceTime button you should press on it.
Step 3. Press on the Sleep key when the FaceTime program opens.
Step 4. You are now able to unlock the handset.
Step 5. Before you end the FaceTime call you should answer it.
Step 6. Be patient and wait for a couple of seconds. That’s it! You have accessed the Phone application.

When will the bug be fixed? We hope the solution will be available soon. Till then you can simply disable Siri so that no one can use it to break through your Lockscreen.

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