Friday, 2 August 2013

Pod2G Thinking About Android during Development of iOS 7 Jailbreak

One of the main developers behind the Evasi0n iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Pod2G has announced over Twitter today that he hates iOS 7 so much that he will be switching to Android. iOS 7 represents a radical shift in design by Apple, but according to Pod2G it is just a fresh coat of paint; or in his words kid painting.

Pod2G Switching To Android Due To Hatred Towards iOS 7

Pod2G shown in the center between Pimskeks and p0sixninja

iOS 7 definitely seems to have two very distinct sides. There is those that love it and those that hate it. There isn’t really much middle ground.
It looks like the next-generation mobile operating system presented by Apple at the WWDC 2013 wasn’t enough to impress the likes of Pod2G though and as such it could mean his dismissal from the Jailbreaking community.
You can take a look at some of his comments below…
After a few days of iOS 7 beta 1 testing, I must admit that I am about to switch to an Android device.
IMHO, this version of iOS is the worst move Apple did in a long time.
iOS 7 design is awful, it’s slow, battery life time is the worst ever, it’s full of UI bugs and crashes. OK it’s beta 1, but still…
I am pretty disappointed by the features I’ve seen in iOS 7. No revolution here. No big news. Just kid painting. They [Apple] are good at convincing people their software is ‘amazing’.
It is important to keep in mind that Pod2G never strictly said he was leaving the Jailbreaking community, but switching to Android from iOS is definitely a big move. Who knows, maybe Pod2G’s hatred towards iOS 7 could actually push him to work harder on the Jailbreak so that he can modify various iOS 7 elements.
What is your take on this all? Do you agree with Pod2G? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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