Sunday, 4 August 2013

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone in 10 Days [5S / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS / 3G / 2G]

There is no need to wait for 24 hours or longer in order to unlock your iPhone from AT&T network and switch to T-Mobile for example.. The new service is very fast. You will have to wait for as little as half an hour to become free from being locked to one carrier. Free communication, cheaper phone calls and pricing on data traffic, and opportunity to choose any SIM card of any mobile operator across the world will become your reality.

I didn’t believe it myself at first. My friend has unlocked his iPhone waiting for 18 or 19 hours so I was sure I would have to wait for just as long. But I was surprised to see my new “unlocked” status in 24 minutes. This was an incredible experience which I want to share with you. Maybe it will be useful and handy to someone with iPhone locked to AT&T U.S. carrier.

How to Unlock iPhone from AT&T Guide

The whole process is simple. I filled my online order for remote iPhone unlock by IMEI number. I should say that I was 100% sure that my smartphone was locked to AT&T so I had not used the carrier checker tool. If you are not sure what network you are locked to, I advise you to run the free checker because I don’t know any company that would return your money in case your were wrong at the time of filling out the request form.

I got the confirmation email in a couple of minutes. The next email notified me about the new status of my iPhone and provided the instruction on how to complete unlock by backing up the device, connecting it to iTunes, inserting a real SIM card and restoring it as “new.” The unlocked smartphone should be restored from the backup.

Unlock Details
1) You can find out your IMEI code by dialing *#06# on iPhone.

2) The official AT&T unlock service is available here.

3) You just have to fill out the form and check your email to see a message titled “ATT MOBILE DEVICES UNLOCK REQUEST RECEIVED” – don’t worry to see caps as this is what you get.

4) Sometimes your unlocked status is changed during 24 hrs, but you can me lucky to have it changed in less than half an hour. I believe that users who don’t have an active AT&T account will wait longer than customers who are using AT&T service.

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