Monday, 26 August 2013

How to Check iPhone Carrier for Free Using Redsn0w

I will show you how to check iPhone carrier for free using Redsn0w. This tip is well-known before but many forgot about it now. 

After Apple company made iPhone unlocking impossible for such popular unlocks in the past like Gevey Sim, Ultrasn0w unlock, SAM and others the new method arose – IMEI unlocking. Why impossible, simply because Gevey and ultrasn0w depend on the old baseband version and SAM is depend on saved activation tickets.

From my experience there are not many users who still having old baseband for Ultrasn0w or Gevey and only few users who have activation tickets saved for SAM unlocking. 

In this case only IMEI unlocking can help to make your AT&T iPhone to support any SIM card, iOS and baseband. But there is one thing. Before making an order you need to find out to what carrier / network / service provider your iPhone is locked.

The best way to find it out is just to use paid service because there no free services for carrier checks. You can find some but their info is not right. All free checkers show only the carriers that their company can unlock. Also a big part of them are just scams. Better to use trusted service and check your iPhone network right. This is the best way because you will be provided with the link to unlock your iPhone.

But if you don’t want to pay or you don’t trust free checker results you can use redsn0w tool to check the carrier for free using only device, USB wire and Mac or PC. 

How to Use Redsn0w to Check iPhone Carrier 

Step 1: Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3.


Step 2: Open it and click Extras.


Step 3: Now just go to Even More and then to Identify.

Step 4: In a moment you will receive device info such as Activation status and data, baseband version and iPhone serial, carrier info and Sim status and many-many other interesting info about your device.

Just look for CarrierBundleInfo section and find your carrier. It is really very easy and fast and for free.

I checked iPhone 3G and redsn0w showed ATT meaning AT&T. I also checked factory unlocked iPhone 4 and it showed Unknown because the device was unlocked.

That’s it. Enjoy this tip and check iPhone network for free using only Redsn0w. Thanks to the hackers we have such possibility but don’t forget, if something will go wrong and you won’t see the carrier, you can always use paid checker from the trusted company I gave you above.

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