Thursday, 8 August 2013

Download New Mountain Lion Beta and Get OS X Mavericks Preview 5

Mac developers got another update for OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.5 beta 7 and the fifth preview of Mavericks system v.10.9. Here is a closer look at the two releases that will be interesting to OS X devs and companies that are working on their new apps and games for Mac machines.

Mountain Lion Upgrade

12F33 is the latest beta build for 10.8.5 Mountain Lion system. According to Apple, this operating system comes without any known issues. The company lets Mac developers install this OS using Software Update option.

What should you focus on after you update? Take a look at Wi-Fi performance, graphics and different functions. For example, you can test how the system reacts when you wake Mac from sleep etc. By the way, you can download the latest version of Safari 6.1 [fifth beta] to see how it runs on Mountain Lion.

Mavericks Preview 5 [iBooks]

The new OS X Preview now includes iBooks app. Apple seeded it to developers earlier this week with the fourth Preview being launched in the end of July. The fifth edition finally has iBooks redesigned for Macs. It was first announced during the WWDC event in June.

The book program was originally created for iOS devices, and now it makes its way to OS X computers just like it happened with Maps.

The 5th Preview comes with minor upgrades. We’ll see the final release this fall but you are highly recommended to get the new preview if you are running Preview 4 now.

What do you think about both presentations? Do you think the new OS X versions for Macs will bring useful and cool options? Which of the two systems would you prefer to install and run? Why? We are sure that we’ll know everything about the two updates and their features after the official launches later this year.

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