Friday, 19 July 2013

MacBook Air Gets New Software Update from Apple | Direct Link

Apple company has just released software update 1.0 for the new MacBook Air. The update was launched to fix screen flickering, issues with WiFi and audio.

To enjoy this update on your Mac Air the system should be OS X 10.8.4 build version 12E3067. If you are the developer you can try new OS X 10.8.5 build 12F23 released few days ago.

The new upgrade fixes a problem that in rare instances could cause a good intermittent reduction in wireless connectivity, an problem with Adobe Illustrator which might cause periodic screen flickering, as well as an problem which might cause audio volume to fluctuate throughout video playback.

Where to Download MacBook Air Software Update 1.0?

Well there are two ways. You can update your computer via Software Update option or using the link below:

MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Software Update 1.0

Enjoy the new upgrading and stay tuned for more news!

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