Tuesday, 4 June 2013

iPhone 5S News: Mass Production and Display Rumors

It has been over half a year since the release of iPhone 5 and we are waiting for iPhone 5S production. Customers start to wonder when the next iOS smartphone model is to be launched. We have heard some iPhone 5S news, and we’ll gladly share the rumors and our pre-release iPhone 5S review with you.

Don’t expect to hear about all the features for this upcoming handset because these are still just rumors and reports found online. Apple might tell us more about this gadget during WWDC event this June. We can only voice our guesses and ideas until then. But now there are many iPhone 5S concept models.

iPhone 5S Mass Production
According to various reports from Japan, during iPhone 5S mass production the new Apple handset will get its LCD display from Sharp. The production is said to start in June. It is believed that the company will produce these details on Kameyama Plant No. 1.

Sharp is not the only company that will work on iPhone 5S production. Japan Display is another company that has reportedly got orders from Apple for its next-gen gadget’s production. The new iDevice might be presented in the 3rd quarter 2013.

Do you dream about a bigger display or improved iPhone 5S camera? Well, I know some people who do. Sadly, the reports assure that the new smartphone will get the same screen as the sixth-generation device. This smartphone will surely feature some updates. For example, it should get a faster processor, better camera, new version of mobile firmware and a fingerprint sensor.

The modern iPhone is considered to be expensive. Yet customers hope that iPhone 5S will be more affordable to ordinary people. Its release might be postponed, according to some analysts who believe that Apple delays its next firmware development and thus can present the new smartphone later than in the third quarter. In other words, we will most likely see the cheaper iDevice in fall, just as it happened with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

Via: http://www.macorg.net/iphone-5s-news-mass-production-display-rumors/

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