Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Google Chrome iOS App Gets New Features [Download Link]

The program iPhone and iPad users dreamt about for so long has got an update. Google Chrome now offers you more interesting and useful features. Thus your page should reload quicker. This improvement is not the only change made to the application.

iOS device owners who plan to download update Google Chrome iOS app will now get the v.27.0.1453.10. This “title” is pretty long, isn’t it? Let’s see what it offers us and whether the list of changes and updates is as long as the version “tag.”

iOS Google Chrome Update: New Options

The popular browser is used by many Windows users from all over the world. iPhone and iPad users can also search the web through Google Chrome.

The latest version of the iOS application offers fixes to bugs found in the previous app release. It also improves search-over-voice feature. There is no need to type as you can simply pronounce your search and the results will appear on your iOS display. Just say what you need and you’ll get it!

 Developers did a good job working with voice search option. The program quickly recognizes human voice. Besides, you can hear web results spoken back to you. It has become really easy to get spoken answers to the questions that trouble your mind.

Browser will reload web pages quicker. This option doesn’t depend on your network speed. Even if your network is not available at the moment, your pages will still reload faster.

Google Chrome iOS Download

There are other improvements. They include better security protection and stability of the app. They also include problem fixes.

Hurry to the App Store to get an update. Here is the link from where you can download iOS Google Chrome app right away. It is 100% free to use so enjoy voice search through Google Chrome web browser on your iDevice.

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