Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Google Chrome iOS App Gets New Features [Download Link]

The program iPhone and iPad users dreamt about for so long has got an update. Google Chrome now offers you more interesting and useful features. Thus your page should reload quicker. This improvement is not the only change made to the application.

iOS device owners who plan to download update Google Chrome iOS app will now get the v.27.0.1453.10. This “title” is pretty long, isn’t it? Let’s see what it offers us and whether the list of changes and updates is as long as the version “tag.”

iOS Google Chrome Update: New Options

The popular browser is used by many Windows users from all over the world. iPhone and iPad users can also search the web through Google Chrome.

The latest version of the iOS application offers fixes to bugs found in the previous app release. It also improves search-over-voice feature. There is no need to type as you can simply pronounce your search and the results will appear on your iOS display. Just say what you need and you’ll get it!

 Developers did a good job working with voice search option. The program quickly recognizes human voice. Besides, you can hear web results spoken back to you. It has become really easy to get spoken answers to the questions that trouble your mind.

Browser will reload web pages quicker. This option doesn’t depend on your network speed. Even if your network is not available at the moment, your pages will still reload faster.

Google Chrome iOS Download

There are other improvements. They include better security protection and stability of the app. They also include problem fixes.

Hurry to the App Store to get an update. Here is the link from where you can download iOS Google Chrome app right away. It is 100% free to use so enjoy voice search through Google Chrome web browser on your iDevice.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Download Official WWDC 2013 App With Video Integration

We're getting close folks! We're exactly 1 week from the oncoming of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2013 that'll be taking placing in Bay Area. It's expected the fruit company will disclose new Mac hardware not to mention give previews of both new iOS 7 features and OS X 10.9. For new iOS hardware, this really is likely this is not on the roster.

Being so near to the WWDC 2013 Apple has launched the state WWDC iOS application to assist participants remain on the surface of the latest news and occasions happening in the conference. New things towards the application this season is video integration, as lengthy when you are an authorized Apple developer you'll have the ability to watch videos of the several periods from the application that'll be published daily.

Previous years Apple made videos from the periods available following the WWDC, but this is actually the newbie that Apple is going to be which makes them available throughout the conference.

Make the most of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with the WWDC app. Even if you can’t join us in San Francisco, you can still follow along each day — session videos are just a tap away for all Registered Apple Developers.
• Browse times, locations, and descriptions for sessions, labs, and special events
• Mark schedule items as favorites with a simple double-tap
• Watch session videos, available daily
• Start watching on one iOS device, and pick up where you left off on another
• Keep up with the latest news, get important notifications, and see daily snapshots
• View maps to find your way around Moscone West
• Provide feedback on session content and speakers within the session details view
• Add your attendee information to Passbook for speedier on-site registration
The WWDC 2013 will start using the much anticipated keynote at 10:00 AM PST next Monday, June Tenth. You are able to download WWDC 2013 app for free in iTunes.

iPhone 5S News: Mass Production and Display Rumors

It has been over half a year since the release of iPhone 5 and we are waiting for iPhone 5S production. Customers start to wonder when the next iOS smartphone model is to be launched. We have heard some iPhone 5S news, and we’ll gladly share the rumors and our pre-release iPhone 5S review with you.

Don’t expect to hear about all the features for this upcoming handset because these are still just rumors and reports found online. Apple might tell us more about this gadget during WWDC event this June. We can only voice our guesses and ideas until then. But now there are many iPhone 5S concept models.

iPhone 5S Mass Production
According to various reports from Japan, during iPhone 5S mass production the new Apple handset will get its LCD display from Sharp. The production is said to start in June. It is believed that the company will produce these details on Kameyama Plant No. 1.

Sharp is not the only company that will work on iPhone 5S production. Japan Display is another company that has reportedly got orders from Apple for its next-gen gadget’s production. The new iDevice might be presented in the 3rd quarter 2013.

Do you dream about a bigger display or improved iPhone 5S camera? Well, I know some people who do. Sadly, the reports assure that the new smartphone will get the same screen as the sixth-generation device. This smartphone will surely feature some updates. For example, it should get a faster processor, better camera, new version of mobile firmware and a fingerprint sensor.

The modern iPhone is considered to be expensive. Yet customers hope that iPhone 5S will be more affordable to ordinary people. Its release might be postponed, according to some analysts who believe that Apple delays its next firmware development and thus can present the new smartphone later than in the third quarter. In other words, we will most likely see the cheaper iDevice in fall, just as it happened with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

Via: http://www.macorg.net/iphone-5s-news-mass-production-display-rumors/

Crazy New iOS 7 Features Like Flirk and Vimeo

We hear more and more rumors on what the next iOS 7 is to be like. It seems that this operating system might offer new features such as Flickr and Vimeo integration. Will Apple build these two services into its firmware? Here is what we have discovered so far.

The real news on iOS 7 options is expected to come from Apple during WWDC 2013 event in June. This conference is near the corner and millions of iOS fans can’t wait to attend it or read the news feeds from those who were lucky to purchase a ticket [all tickets were sold out within a couple of minutes after they went on sale].

While the conference will be held in a week and a half, the most impatient users wish to get more news about the next iOS 7. According to rumors, it will get built-in Vimeo and Flickr services just like it happened with Facebook integration, YouTube and Twitter.

iOS 7 Concept

iOS 7 Flickr Integration

What will happen if Flickr gets an iOS 7 integration? Users will be able to sign into this program through the firmware’s Settings app. Isn’t it nice to quickly and easily share your photographs with other users? How often do you use Flickr? I am sure that a lot of people would be happy to see the new iPhone firmware tied with Flickr.

iOS 7 Vimeo Integration

The similar situation is rumored to happen with Vimeo letting iPad / iPhone owners to get on-time log-in into this social network. Would it make your smile if you are able to share your videos through your account without having to do multiple actions?

You will have to tap once in order to share your image / video to the social network. Surely, Apple hasn’t confirmed this information yet, but WWDC 2013 is coming soon. Stay tuned, and we will tell you more about the new iOS 7 after Apple unveils its features the next month.

Read Original Post here: http://www.macorg.net/ios-7-features-include-vimeo-flickr/