Saturday, 13 April 2013

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Trade-in Program for Smartphone Owners

Do you have an iPhone 4S or 4 and dream about a new free iPhone 5 from T-Mobile? The company starts a trade-in program that lets all existing iOS smartphone holders upgrade to the sixth-generation handset in a very easy and fast manner.

You have read it correct. Carrier is willing to give customers the latest Apple smartphone for $0 down. This program is aimed at those existing users who are not satisfied with the mobile operator they are currently using.

iPhone 5 from T-Mobile

How to Get iPhone 5 from T-Mobile for Free

You can simply go to one of T-Mobile stores with either iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 and participate in the program. The price for your iPhone 5 depends on the value of your current handset model. Users will be able to get up to $120 in credit that can be spend on paying T-Mobile bill, the rest of the sixth-gen device or accessories.

All customers should pay $100 up-front for their newest handset and spend the next 24 months paying off $20 per month for the gadget’s full value. The new iPhone 5 T-Mobile pre-order deal can reduce your monthly payments to $15.

We think that a lot of people who wish to get away from their existing mobile company will take this deal and upgrade to the 6-th generation device. The program will last till June 16.

Why to Buy T-Mobile iPhone 5

How many consumers will bite the program offered by T-Mobile? It’s hard to tell yet since it has just started. Last month the company promised to offer contract-free cellphones to its customers with unlimited talk/text and 500MB of data plan worth $50 [extra 2GB will cost $10 and unlimited high-speed data will cost additional $20 a month]. This month we see another nice offer that makes it simple to get iPhone 5 for less for existing Apple smartphone holders.

In case you don’t have previous model of an iDevice you can get T-Mobile iPhone 5 for $65 per month.

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