Saturday, 13 April 2013

SimCity for Mac Is Coming This Summer

SimCity 2013 for Mac is coming in June. The game will finally be offered to OS X users, and if you happened to have already purchased this popular franchise app for Windows you will get SimCity Mac download for free.

The game will be an exclusive digital launch. You might wonder what SimCity 2013 Mac system requirements are since there are differences between Windows and this operating system. We can share some information with you since we are sure a lot of users can wait to download the new release which has got over 3 millions copies sold since the presentation for the PC.

SimCity for Mac Release

Mac SimCity 2013

The exact SimCity Mac release date is June 11. This is when all OS X users will be able to get the Sims game and enjoy it on their platform. PC users who have already paid for Windows version of this app will receive a free digital Mac copy.
Mac SimCity download will be offered at EA’s Origin and other retailers. You can already pre order the game for Mac. The Windows version will be given to you for free in case you don’t have one yet.

SimCity 2013 Mac Requirements

Developers had to rewrite software rendered for their SimCity for Mac game for OpenGL so that it will play well on OS X operating system. The multiplayer elements have also been changed so that they would become cross-platform and players who are using different OS would be able to compete against each other.

There is no need to worry about Mac requirements because the game is optimized for OS X, or in other words, you will get a native Mac version that should run smoothly and ensure the best performance, according to EA Origin.

By the way if you have built your cities on Windows platform, you will not lose them on Mac as the will be available to you when you login to the game’s server. There is still no information on whether the app will support the Retina display devices or not.

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