Tuesday, 16 April 2013

iPhone 5S Release Reports: Camera Specs

What will iPhone 5S camera be like? Will its performance improve? What should we expect in the next smartphone model from Apple? There are some interesting reports on the web that specify iPhone 5S concept camera megapixels and other characteristics. Here is what we can tell you about it.
The new iDevice is expected to be presented later this year. Of course, customers are looking for various details about this release. According to Tinhte.vn blog from Vietnam, this handset will feature an improved camera. It will be better than the iPhone 5 camera.
iPhone 5S Camera

iPhone 5S Camera Specs

Before we continue you should know that there are a lot of rumors on this model already and a lot of them promise opposite things. The most recent report states that this gadget will get a 12-megapixel camera with better shooting at night time.
If the camera module is produced by WSE then this rumor might be real. Wonderful Saigon Electrics works with Apple so it can actually improve Apple iPhone 5S camera specifications. This means that we might enjoy taking amazing pictures with the popular smartphone in the future.
Can we trust the Vietnamese blog? Well, it actually predicted the iPhone 5 8-megapixel camera sensor last year while other experts said it would feature a 10-megapixel camera. We hope that this time Tinhte is right again.

Improved iPhone 5S Characteristics

The Cupertino-based giant may truly improve the camera for its handset because other big market players, such as Nokia, are trying to impress customers. Apple can hurry and impress its fans too releasing the next iPhone with a better camera and giving users abilities to take good pictures at night.
We are sure many of you are curious to see what the new iOS device is to offer since Samsung and HTC are pushing Apple hard with their Galaxy S4 and One gadgets. BTW, you can compare iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 to find out the winner.

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