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iMac 27 Refurbished Models Offered for $1,529 in the US

Refurbished iMac 27 might be a good choice for those who are going to buy iMac in USA. Apple now offers refurbished machines starting at $1,529. You can visit the online store of the famous Cupertino-based company. We just want to share this review on updated iMac pricing with you.

The thin model of iMac is pretty popular, and if you want to get it and save some about $270 you might like to take a look at refurbished machines. Surely, this offer is for customers who don’t mind getting refurbished goods.

Refurbished iMac 27 Inch

Refurbished iMac 27 Inch

Apple store that is certified to sell refurbished devices will let you buy refurbished iMac 27 with a slight discount off its regular price. This is one of the latest-gen thin iMacs with 27-inch screen. It was officially released about 4 months ago, so the model is nice to get.

The 15 percent discount is good for two versions of a thin computer, one is a low-end model and the other is the high-end one. Your order will be shipped in 1-3 business days if you decide to purchase it while the offer is available.

Buy iMac 27 Inch

Now it’s time to check the pricing and tech specs of Apple iMac computers following the link.
The 2.9GHz Core i5 refurbished iMac with 1TB HDD, amazing display and 8GB of RAM is sold for $1,529. The 3.1GHz unit is offered for $1,599, and the 3.2GHz can be bought for $1,699. The 3.4GHz Core i7 refurbished iMac 27 inch is sold for $1,869 and $2,199 [it depends on the device’s configurations].

Apple sells these devices with a 1-year warranty. It assures that all the gadgets have been rigorously restored. By the way, you can get a 21.5-inch device in case the 27-inch model is still too expensive to you.
What do you think about getting refurbished computers? Are they worth their price?

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