Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Secure Apple ID by Setting Up ID Verification

A lot of iOS and Mac users like to store their information in iCloud. According to the recent report from Strategy Analytics, iCloud has become one of the most popular U.S. cloud media service and it is often used for storing music tracks, movies, pictures and even contacts.

Apple has decided to secure customer’s accounts a couple of days ago. The company added a new verification feature, and you can now enable verification for Apple ID using our short guide. Don’t worry as it answers any iTunes verification questions you might have had before following our instruction.

Apple ID Verification

Apple ID Verification Process

The tutorial is simple, so you will have no problems when you will make Apple ID secure with our help. Here is how you can enable Apple ID verification [iCloud].

First Step

Go to using a web browser and choose Create Apple ID option if you don’t have account. You should login with the credentials you use for iTunes/Apple [this option is available in Manage section].

Second Step

Do you see a tab on the left called Password and Security? Choose it and you will be headed to the Security Settings page. Go to Get Started which is located under the section Two-Step Verification.

Third Step

Now you will find some information about Apple verification process. Read it and choose to Continue.

Fourth Step

More information will follow letting you know that gadgets can access your iCloud account. Press Verify [this feature is located next to each of your devices] and choose to either get a 4-digit pin via a text message or via Find My iPhone option. Enter this pin code on the site to verify each of your gadgets.

Fifth Step

You will receive a Recovery Key [it contains 14 digits]. You need to save this Key and remember it as you have to confirm it. You can write it down or print it for future reference. The Key will help you in case you forget your password.

Sixth Step

Check the “I understand” box to confirm that you are aware of all the risks and conditions and press to Enable Two-Step Verification option.

Hooray! Your setup process is complete and this is how to enable Apple ID verification.

Original Source: How to Enable Apple ID Verification

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