Monday, 1 April 2013

Awesome Ideas for April Fools Day Pranks [iPhone Apps]

April Fools day is the best day of the year because only today you are officially allowed to do pranks at your office and become a family with other employees as you make fun of your boss. You can also surprise your friends and family members with one of the following jokes created with the help of your iPhone.

Of course, I am talking about awesome April Fools day apps for iOS devices that can be downloaded by everyone and used to add some fun and laughs to an ordinary working day. For example, Google announced that YouTube service shut down and new mode for Google Maps is added but let’s talk about the apps.

April Fools Day iPhone Apps 2013

We will list some of the most interesting applications that are must-have for April 1st. You can download April Fools days apps on your smartphone, especially the free programs, and spend the rest of the day amusing people you care for.

Fake-a-Call April Fools day iPhone app

1. Fake-A-Call is a free iPhone / iPad application known as the top fake calling app ever that even supports fake video calls. You can choose to delay the phone call, change your voice [you can sound like a President or Lady Gaga], etc. This program is great for people who need to escape a boring date, meeting, etc. Download Fake-A-Call for iPhone using this link.

Human-to-Cat Translator App for April Fools day

2. Human-to-cat Translator is another free app for today. You can translate your voice into meows and make the whole office wonder where the cat is hidden. Get it now and your prank will turn the office upside down.

iSMS April Fools Day for iPhone

3. iSMS is a free social networking iPhone application incredible for April Fools Day pranks. It shows your jokes as a normal text messenger in Apple’s history, and you are allowed to edit recipient list and message itself. You can download iSMS from here.

RealCover iPhone App for April Fools Day

4. RealCover let’s you create fake magazine covers with ease. Use your friend’s photographs as popular magazine cover and bring a smile upon his face. The app costs $1.99 and is available on iTunes.

Prank Mirror App for April Fools Day

5. Prank Mirror allows making hilarious pictures from your photographs. You can send the images to people you know or simply add them to your photo library. The application is free to download and is nice to get.

Clean Charge iPhone App

6. Clean Charge lets you prove to your friends that you are able to charge the iPhone / iPad using green energy. There is no need to plug your smartphone to recharge the battery as you are able to charge using air, sun energy, wind power etc. and entertain people who don’t know about such an application and truly believe you are a wizard. Keep in mind that this $0.99 app uses the power of your device, so better have a fully charged battery before you do the prank. You can grab this program via this link.

Action Movie FX App for April Fools Day

7. Action Movie FX can let you create fake videos and prove that you have witnessed a huge car crash or missile attack, etc. No one will believe you, but you can have some fun. Get the app for free from this App Store link.
Download April Fools day apps and let April 1st bring you many happy smiles!

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