Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Apple Released OS X 10.8.4 build 12E72 To The Developers

Today Apple issued a new beta version of the operating system for Mac and you can download OS X 10.8.4 beta of Mountain Lion. But you may have access to it only if you have the developer account at Apple company.
Apple warns that after installing OS X 10.8.4 there will not be option to install 10.8.3 back, released just a few weeks ago. Last OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 was released after 13 betas. The whole process of bringing it to the public has been lasting for 5 months.
download os x 10.8.4 beta
OS X 10.8.4 update does not pose any new features or bug fixes. At this moment there is no information about that. The developer proposes to pay attention to the interaction of their programs with Wi-Fi, video cards, and Internet browser Safari. Also the new update provide a chance to check iTunes gift cards with the Mac’s iSight camera, with some key upgrades to those who like to operate Windows (including Windows 8).

Download Mac OS X 10.8.4 beta

If you have developer account at Apple you can download 12E72 build and install it without problems. But remember that after will be no way to get back to 10.8.3.

Many Mac users were waited for Apple’s presentation of the new system OS X 10.9, as was the case with the Mountain Lion – a video of the system was released in February, a few months before it appears in the Mac App Store. But, judging by the new beta version, there is no need to wait for OS X 10.9 soon. And many are still wondering what new features will bring new release.

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