Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Untethered iOS 6.1.2 Jailbreak How-to Instruction [Evasi0n 1.4]

If you have an iDevice running new 6.1.2 you might like to use untethered jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 with evasi0n 1.4 tool, however, you should know that it’s not the same as when you are jailbreaking other iPhones via it. Our instruction will explain everything you need to do and you’l download evasi0n 1.4 here, after the jump.

Firstly, you should upgrade to iOS 6.1.2 using iTunes. If you have already updated via OTA you must re-update again, via iTunes this time. You should also backup all information to keep all data in case you don’t succeed.

First Step

Ok, it’s time to download evasi0n 1.4. Choose Mac, Linux or Windows version. Once it is downloaded, extract the program file.

If you are using Windows, you’ll have to run evasi0n .exe file as administrator. If you are using Mac, you’ll have to launch this app by pressing the control and open buttons at once to skip Gatekeeper.

Second Step

When you have launched evasi0n, you need to connect your iOS device to your computer. Use USB cable and wait till the exploit recognizes the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch of yours.

Third Step

The lockscreen passcode must be disabled. You can do this by opening Settings program and choosing General – Passcode Lock – Turn Passcode off. Your iTunes must also be closed before you continue.

Fourth Step

Press the Jailbreak option and enjoy watching as the jailbreaking process begins. Don’t touch anything during jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 untethered procedure.

When you are asked to unlock the gadget and find a new Jailbreak icon do so and follow further instructions. 

Press on this icon one time. It will open and close at once. Don’t worry, this is normal.

Fifth Step

Now you can watch evasi0n program begin to back up. The progress bar will move again, and soon the untethered iOS 6.1.2 jailbreak process will be over. Message “Done” will appear on your screen.

Sixth Step

Wait till your gadget restarts on its own. It can even restart a couple of times. It’s ok.

Seventh Step

You will see Evasi0n logo on a white background when iPhone, iPad or iPod touch restarts. It’s completely normal as well as such messages as “Clearing SpringBoard cache” and “Setting up Cydia” etc.

When the process finishes you will see lockscreen. Unlock the gadget and enjoy Cydia on the SpringBoard. You now have a successfully jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 6.1.2 version installed on it.

Original info: Untethered iOS 6.1.2 Jailbreak How-to Instruction

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