Thursday, 7 March 2013

Popular iTunes U Course App for iPhone and iPad

The free education iTunes U content has reached one billion downloads, according to the latest report from Apple. This record is worth talking about as it means that a lot of people are interested in the improvement of education.

The iTunes U course list is one of useful iTunes apps and the biggest catalog of information with the help of which educators are able to work on lectures, books, assignments and quizzes using content from the world’s biggest libraries, various organizations and museums.

According to Eddy Cue from the Cupertino-based tech giant, iTunes U course brings a lot of new possibilities to students and educators from different countries of the world. This education app for iPad and iPhone is a chance to “learn like never before” as there is so much incredible information gathered in one source. For example, iTunes U course has already attracted more than 250 thousand students. This is just a phenomenon of our times as a lot of young minds with to learn.

U content with interesting courses on sciences, medicine, business, arts and more from over a thousand of colleges and universities is highly downloaded and very popular. Students from Cambridge, Yale, Duke, Oxford and other universities enjoy learning in a new manner through iTunes U courses enrollment.

Even non-college students are curious to get the material from iTunes U, according to professors. High school teachers also use this application to prepare for their classes. This is simply incredible!

You’ll be curious to hear that while about 40 percent of downloads comes from within the US, the other half originates from outside the country bringing international recognition to educators from different universities. It makes them happy as they are ablet to impact thousands of students from China, European countries and other places.

iTunes U content allows creating interesting courses in 30 countries. The number of countries where it is possible to access these iTunes U courses is much higher. It reaches 155. If you wish to start learning or using educational content right away, download iTunes U app for free on the App Store.

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