Saturday, 9 March 2013

Java OS X Update for SE 6

The new Java Mac OS X download is available with Java OS X 2013-002 version. This release comes with better security, so if you are a fan of Apple computers with one of the Macs you might consider getting this Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_43 and see what it delivers to you.

Keep in mind that if your system doesn’t have Java Mac OS X 2012-006 installed, the new v2013-002 will disable Java SE 6 applet. It is possible to enable this plug-in for viewing and using web pages by finding the option “Missing plug-in” and agreeing to download the Java update from Oracle.
The program was presented earlier this week. As you understood it is designed for operating system X 2013-002. Better compatibility and reliability are promised along with improved security to users who plan on downloading it.
java se 6 for os x 2013-002

How to Download Java for Mac

Here is a short guide on how to install the latest OS X Java update on your computer. Firstly you should download Java SE 1.6.0_43 from here or via Software Update. Secondly you need to make sure you are not having any web browser launched and quit other Java apps if they are running. Thirdly you can read this instruction.
We have already discussed what to do if you don’t have the software for OS X 2012-006 installed. The instruction on how to change this and enable Java SE 6 is above.
More information about the new upgrade is available via this link. You’ll read that it is developed for customers with Mac operating system v10.7 and later. It will simply uninstall Java applet plug-in provided by Apple from your browsers.

Visit this page to read more about the security of the Java update for Mac OS X. We’ll be glad to hear your comments after you install the new version of SE 6.


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