Tuesday, 26 March 2013

iPhone Free Shipping Offer from Apple in US

Apple offers new iPhone shipping cost for all smartphone models sold in the U.S. Starting this week, all customers can get iPhone with free shipping. This promotion isn’t permanent. We don’t know how long the deal will last, but right now everyone who wished to purchase iOS handset in the nearest future has this chance of getting free next-day shipping option.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to buy iPhone 5 in the U.S. or iPhone 4S / 4. Visit Apple iPhone store and you will see the pleasing news. Let’s see if there are limits to this offer and predict for how long it will be possible to get free and fast iPhone 5 shipping time.

Next Day Free Shipping for iPhone

iPhone Shipping Cost with Apple

The popular iOS handset gets high demand for years in a row. Apple products are sold worldwide giving the company an army of fans, but the lucky ones live in the U.S. where they can buy iPhone with free next day delivery.

This promotion is most likely limited. Sadly we can’t tell you the exact date when it will be over. We can just say that you should use this offer if you need a new iPhone, of course. Apple sells locked, unlocked and contract-free devices. One customer can get up to 2 iPhones with the promotion offer.
By the way, all company’s online stores offer free shipping on order over $50, and iPhone 4S / 5 cost more.

iPhone Pricing

iPhone 5 pricing starts at $199. iPhone 4S costs from $99 and iPhone 4 can be purchased for free if you agree to get a wireless service plan and a 2-year contract. Unlocked 4 models currently start at $450.
When you choose your model you will see that it is available to ship within 24 hours with free next day shipping. Getting no shipping waits is always nice, isn’t it?


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