Monday, 18 March 2013

iPhone Case Giving Electric Shock

A lot of phone robbery victims probably wish to create an iPhone electric shock case. And such accessory is already brought by designers from Louisiana. We will give you more information about this interesting idea that suggests to transform an ordinary handset into a device that gives a 650,000-volt electric shock.
Isn’t it curious to see how the handset can be transformed into a stun gun?

Personally I think it is cool if the cool iPhone cases are not only for fun but can also protect its owner and itself from robbery or other possible crimes. I surely wish you never get into a situation when you must apply the electroshock zapper to your attacker. I just want to share the unusual accessory design with you.

iphone electric shock case

iPhone Giving Electric Shock

You see that it’s not the smartphone itself that is turned to the stun gun. Creators made a case for iPhone 4S, 4 and called it Yellow Jacket. This accessory contains the electroshock zapper which can give pain and injury to the person it is applied to.

Don’t worry about making injury to yourself when you answer phone calls. According to case makers, it comes with a safety catch and the electrodes are covered by the rotating cap. You should open them in order to fire at your attackers, but it takes little time to do so.

The rubber electric shock case, accessory for iPhone is 1-inch thick. Its weight is 8oz when the handset is inside. You can charge the shocker using your gadget’s cable.

Price on iPhone Electric Shock Accessory

The stun gun case is offered for $85, but its developers are now asking for fan support through Indiegogo site. Anybody is welcome to pledge some money and help the idea become a reality.

The case appears in pink, black and white colors. Users who would like to get the metallic gold edition are asked to pay $150, and designers promise to release iPhone 5 case in the future.

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