Wednesday, 27 March 2013

iPhone 5 from T-Mobile for $99

We know when T-Mobile iPhone 5 release is to happen. It is finally revealed to public, and this carrier will start offering customers the popular Apple smartphone starting in April. The yummy iPhone 5 price free shipping of $99 looks very appealing to many of us.

When is exactly the official T-Mobile iPhone 4 release date 2013? Would you like to know more about the company’s plans? We will tell you everything we know about this offer.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date

This uncarrier is the first one to carry the iOS handset. Previously users could connect to T-Mobile if their device was factory unlocked, but consumers were unable to purchase iPhones directly from this company. This situation is about to change in April.

Starting April 12th you can buy the sixth-gen handset from this carrier for $99. You can pre-order iPhone 5 from T-Mobile on April 5th. This information was announced in New York earlier this week. The mobile operator will be the 4th biggest carrier to offer Apple devices with the three companies ahead: Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint.
T-Mobile Network Coverage in the US

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 plans cooperate with its 4G LTE network that is being launched. As for today, the company covers 7 areas, including Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, San Jose (California), Baltimore, Kansas City, Houston and Phoenix.

By the way, “select markets” will get not only iPhone 5, but also models 4S and 4. The uncarrier wants to implement simple rate plans for its customers with unlimited talk, web and text. What will the iOS smartphone pricing be?

According to reports, the 16GB iPhone 5 will be available for $99 [customers will have to make $20 payments for 2 years], the iPhone 4S from T-Mobile will cost $69.99 and iPhone 4 will be worth $14.99 [both models will be offered with $20 monthly charges].

It is still unknown what is waiting on those users who wish to cancel their plan or get a new handset before the 2 years are up. Maybe they will be forced to pay the instalment plan front or within the same 24 months period.

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