Monday, 25 March 2013

App Store UDID App Access to Be Prohibited Starting May 1

UDID apps App Store support will be stopped starting May 1st. The Cupertino-based giant wants developers to create programs that do not access UDID of iOS devices. The company will simply reject iPhone and iPad apps that have Apple UDID access in a month.
Yes, this issue will finally be resolved. Most iPhone owners worry about various developers being able to get their Apple UDID access through programs loaded to the App Store. Not long ago Apple protected Apple ID with security questions and now its changed its policy again. The policy changes and no more applications will be able to get this access. Besides, there is one more rule that iOS devs must follow starting May 1.

iOS App UDID Access Ban

No More Access for UDID iPhone / iPad

The Cupertino iPhone maker wants developers of iOS apps and games to mover over to their updated policy. They have no choice because in a month the App Store won’t accept iPhone and iPad apps that access UDID. Instead, the Advertising Identifier system is offered and it replicates the use of unique identifiers for companies that create programs.
Unlike personal UDIDs, the Ad Identifier is not personal. It means that no personal info will be attached to your smartphone or tablet through the new system introduced with iOS 6.

How to Get iOS App Approve?

Here are some important notes for iOS app developers who wish to see their games and programs in the App Store. Firstly, no UDID access any more. Secondly, the applications must support iPhone 5 and all other Apple gadgets with Retina displays.
If the program still wants to get personal UDID and has no support for the sixth-gen smartphone along with Retina display devices, it will not be approved by the App Store. It seems that all the warnings are over, and the iPhone maker toughens its policy towards iOS app development, so various human interface guidelines will be useful to everyone from now on.

Source: App Store UDID to Be Prohibited Starting May 1

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