Monday, 11 March 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Update Brings 20+ New Levels

iOS gamers who were waiting for the updated Angry Birds Star Wars release date can now enjoy 22 new levels, as this is how much fun episode “Escape From Hoth” brings to users with Apple devices. If you believe that the popular franchise got a bit repetitive, you should download the new variation of the game as it nicely refreshes it bringing more hours of entertainment and joy.

How does Rovio plan to surprise its fans? Should you get this app for your iDevice? Is it cool or not? Let’s see what the developers came up with in their most recent version of Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone / iPad.

angry birds star wars update

About the New Angry Birds Star Wars Release

“Escape from Hoth” is an episode with 20 brand new levels and 2 bonus levels. These are not the only additions you will get when you download this game. You will also find an awesome boss fight and mynock pigs. Hours of fun are promised to each lover of the “bird – pig” neverending story.

The Battle of Hoth finally ended with Birds barely escaping the ice planet. Pigs are eager to continue the fight, and you should watch out. Even though an asteroid field can cover your heroes, there war is not finished yet.

Personally I wait for the Angry Birds cartoons that will be released this Spring.

angry birds star wars release

Download Angry Birds Star Wars “Escape from Hoth”

The asteroid is dangerous as mynock pigs are in its belly. Watch out and try to escape in the boss fight. Remember about the bonus levels as you have to discover them.

The Angry Birds Star Wars update is available to users who bought this game for $0.99. If you wish to download it for the first time for your tablet computer you’ll have to pay $2.99 for the HD edition. iPhone users can get the game from here and iPad owners should use this link to download the new episodes.

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