Saturday, 30 March 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars New Levels: iOS Game Update

A new Angry Birds Star Wars update is now available for iOS and Android users from Rovio. This developer is really working hard on its popular game’s updates and bringing new interesting episodes to all the fans of Angry Birds Star Wars iOS / Android game.
The most recent episode is titled Cloud City. It offers to users 20 brand new levels and some interesting features. For example, you will enjoy gameplay mechanics and be able to share the trophies you earn with Twitter users.
Angry Birds Star Wars Update

About iOS Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City

What should you expect from the Cloud City episode? It is something new from the last Angry Birds Star Wars update. Firstly, you will get Bespin levels. Secondly, the new missions will be available to those who get this update to the popular app. Thirdly, just as we have mentioned above, the game includes new mechanics and integration with Twitter.
Are you willing to help the Rebel birds to fight against the Impire’s pigs? The birds stole secret plans which they wish to deliver to their leaders. Of course, Pigtroopers can’t let them fly away. And you can win the battle if you purchase or update your game.

Angry Birds Star Wars New Levels

Angry Birds Star Wars for iPad / iPhone Features

With the 20 new levels Angry Birds Star Wars offers 100+ levels for its fans who can enjoy hours of charming gameplay on iPhone / iPad and Android devices.
You are offered to use blasters, lightsabers and Jedi powers to fight with pigs and win. Do your best to finish each level and your birds’ skills will improve.
But remember about in-app purchases and kids. Yuo better disable in-app purchases while you don’t use iPhone.
Remember that developers always have some bonus levels up their sleeve. This means you can unlock them and get even more hours for a fun gameplay with Angry Birds Star Wars iPhone / iPad edition.
Don’t be afraid to get stuck on a level, as the Mighty Falcon can save you if you have some stars earned on previous levels. Explore Cloud City and find hidden rocket packs to unlock interesting missions. If you don’t want to collect these packs, you can buy this option using in-app purchases option.

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