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A Guide for In-App Purchases Turn Off on iPhone / iPod touch / iPad

Would you like to see your in-app purchases disabled on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? We will tell you in details how you can manage this and enjoy games and applications without being worried that you or your children accidentally spend real bucks on virtual goods.

The feature introduced in a lot of free iOS apps is often frustrating. Luckily you can turn off in-app purchases option and here is how to do this.

How to Disable In-App Purchases [iPhone and Other iOS Devices]

Don’t give your smartphone or tablet to kids until you turn off the option that can take your money away from you in seconds. Since there were a lot of situations when children made in-app purchases bankrupting their family, Apple released an option that restricted access to it in 2010. If you still haven’t removed in-app purchases on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, follow this simple instruction and you will be fine.

in app purchases disabled on iphone

If you use Google play you can install freedom app to get free in-app purchases.

Step 1. When you see your Home Screen you should go to the Settings application.
Step 2. Choose General option in Settings.
Step 3. Go down will you see Restrictions and click on this feature.
Step 4. Do you see Enable Restrictions option? Enter then re-enter your passcode to access this area. Keep in mind that your Restriction password may differ from your Lock screen passcode. It’s best to create a password unknown to your kids who might remember the passcode you have for the Lock screen.
Step 5. Go down until In-App Purchases On/Off feature is seen. Click on this toggle and you will disable In-App Purchases on iPad / iPhone.
Step 6. Close Settings and smile. It will be impossible to buy virtual goods from games and apps installed on your iOS device, so there is nothing to worry about when you give it to little ones.

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