Saturday, 30 March 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars New Levels: iOS Game Update

A new Angry Birds Star Wars update is now available for iOS and Android users from Rovio. This developer is really working hard on its popular game’s updates and bringing new interesting episodes to all the fans of Angry Birds Star Wars iOS / Android game.
The most recent episode is titled Cloud City. It offers to users 20 brand new levels and some interesting features. For example, you will enjoy gameplay mechanics and be able to share the trophies you earn with Twitter users.
Angry Birds Star Wars Update

About iOS Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City

What should you expect from the Cloud City episode? It is something new from the last Angry Birds Star Wars update. Firstly, you will get Bespin levels. Secondly, the new missions will be available to those who get this update to the popular app. Thirdly, just as we have mentioned above, the game includes new mechanics and integration with Twitter.
Are you willing to help the Rebel birds to fight against the Impire’s pigs? The birds stole secret plans which they wish to deliver to their leaders. Of course, Pigtroopers can’t let them fly away. And you can win the battle if you purchase or update your game.

Angry Birds Star Wars New Levels

Angry Birds Star Wars for iPad / iPhone Features

With the 20 new levels Angry Birds Star Wars offers 100+ levels for its fans who can enjoy hours of charming gameplay on iPhone / iPad and Android devices.
You are offered to use blasters, lightsabers and Jedi powers to fight with pigs and win. Do your best to finish each level and your birds’ skills will improve.
But remember about in-app purchases and kids. Yuo better disable in-app purchases while you don’t use iPhone.
Remember that developers always have some bonus levels up their sleeve. This means you can unlock them and get even more hours for a fun gameplay with Angry Birds Star Wars iPhone / iPad edition.
Don’t be afraid to get stuck on a level, as the Mighty Falcon can save you if you have some stars earned on previous levels. Explore Cloud City and find hidden rocket packs to unlock interesting missions. If you don’t want to collect these packs, you can buy this option using in-app purchases option.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Iron Man 3 Games for Kids Release [iOS and Android Versions]

There is amazing news for everyone who is looking forward to Iron Man 3 for iPad / iPhone and Android devices release. We do know the exact launch date for this game. You can find a gameplay trailer inside this post to see what you should expect from it.

The new Marvel’s Iron Man 3 iOS and Android edition is designed and developed by Gameloft. Also you can download Real Racing 3 for iOS and Android. The company has launched the first trailer which tells us a bit about the application. According to reports, the game release is planned for April 25.

Iron Man 3 iPad / iPhone Game Teaser

Do you like cinematic teasers? I always watch them as I am too curious to find out everything I can about the application / game / movie I wish to get. The movie itself will also hit cinemas soon, and since it has become popular to create games alongside blockbusters, the game Iron Man 3 iPhone / iPad version will be launched a couple of days before the film is released. In case you don’t know this, Iron Man 3 movie will come on the big screen in early May.

I wanna ask you if you like endless running titles? Developers are planned to present such a title for Iron Man fans. We can compare the future release with Temple Run. Just add a big metal hero that flies and you’ll get an idea what you will see next month.

The title should be presented for two platforms, but past experience shows that Android versions are often delayed while iOS games are launched on time.

Are you looking forward to see Iron Man 3 iPad / iPhone game in the App Store and Android version in Google Play Store? Well, we can tell you for sure that this title will be just an appetizer before the movie release because the film by Shane Black is worth watching.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Guide for In-App Purchases Turn Off on iPhone / iPod touch / iPad

Would you like to see your in-app purchases disabled on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? We will tell you in details how you can manage this and enjoy games and applications without being worried that you or your children accidentally spend real bucks on virtual goods.

The feature introduced in a lot of free iOS apps is often frustrating. Luckily you can turn off in-app purchases option and here is how to do this.

How to Disable In-App Purchases [iPhone and Other iOS Devices]

Don’t give your smartphone or tablet to kids until you turn off the option that can take your money away from you in seconds. Since there were a lot of situations when children made in-app purchases bankrupting their family, Apple released an option that restricted access to it in 2010. If you still haven’t removed in-app purchases on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, follow this simple instruction and you will be fine.

in app purchases disabled on iphone

If you use Google play you can install freedom app to get free in-app purchases.

Step 1. When you see your Home Screen you should go to the Settings application.
Step 2. Choose General option in Settings.
Step 3. Go down will you see Restrictions and click on this feature.
Step 4. Do you see Enable Restrictions option? Enter then re-enter your passcode to access this area. Keep in mind that your Restriction password may differ from your Lock screen passcode. It’s best to create a password unknown to your kids who might remember the passcode you have for the Lock screen.
Step 5. Go down until In-App Purchases On/Off feature is seen. Click on this toggle and you will disable In-App Purchases on iPad / iPhone.
Step 6. Close Settings and smile. It will be impossible to buy virtual goods from games and apps installed on your iOS device, so there is nothing to worry about when you give it to little ones.

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iPhone 5 from T-Mobile for $99

We know when T-Mobile iPhone 5 release is to happen. It is finally revealed to public, and this carrier will start offering customers the popular Apple smartphone starting in April. The yummy iPhone 5 price free shipping of $99 looks very appealing to many of us.

When is exactly the official T-Mobile iPhone 4 release date 2013? Would you like to know more about the company’s plans? We will tell you everything we know about this offer.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date

This uncarrier is the first one to carry the iOS handset. Previously users could connect to T-Mobile if their device was factory unlocked, but consumers were unable to purchase iPhones directly from this company. This situation is about to change in April.

Starting April 12th you can buy the sixth-gen handset from this carrier for $99. You can pre-order iPhone 5 from T-Mobile on April 5th. This information was announced in New York earlier this week. The mobile operator will be the 4th biggest carrier to offer Apple devices with the three companies ahead: Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint.
T-Mobile Network Coverage in the US

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 plans cooperate with its 4G LTE network that is being launched. As for today, the company covers 7 areas, including Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, San Jose (California), Baltimore, Kansas City, Houston and Phoenix.

By the way, “select markets” will get not only iPhone 5, but also models 4S and 4. The uncarrier wants to implement simple rate plans for its customers with unlimited talk, web and text. What will the iOS smartphone pricing be?

According to reports, the 16GB iPhone 5 will be available for $99 [customers will have to make $20 payments for 2 years], the iPhone 4S from T-Mobile will cost $69.99 and iPhone 4 will be worth $14.99 [both models will be offered with $20 monthly charges].

It is still unknown what is waiting on those users who wish to cancel their plan or get a new handset before the 2 years are up. Maybe they will be forced to pay the instalment plan front or within the same 24 months period.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

iPhone Free Shipping Offer from Apple in US

Apple offers new iPhone shipping cost for all smartphone models sold in the U.S. Starting this week, all customers can get iPhone with free shipping. This promotion isn’t permanent. We don’t know how long the deal will last, but right now everyone who wished to purchase iOS handset in the nearest future has this chance of getting free next-day shipping option.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to buy iPhone 5 in the U.S. or iPhone 4S / 4. Visit Apple iPhone store and you will see the pleasing news. Let’s see if there are limits to this offer and predict for how long it will be possible to get free and fast iPhone 5 shipping time.

Next Day Free Shipping for iPhone

iPhone Shipping Cost with Apple

The popular iOS handset gets high demand for years in a row. Apple products are sold worldwide giving the company an army of fans, but the lucky ones live in the U.S. where they can buy iPhone with free next day delivery.

This promotion is most likely limited. Sadly we can’t tell you the exact date when it will be over. We can just say that you should use this offer if you need a new iPhone, of course. Apple sells locked, unlocked and contract-free devices. One customer can get up to 2 iPhones with the promotion offer.
By the way, all company’s online stores offer free shipping on order over $50, and iPhone 4S / 5 cost more.

iPhone Pricing

iPhone 5 pricing starts at $199. iPhone 4S costs from $99 and iPhone 4 can be purchased for free if you agree to get a wireless service plan and a 2-year contract. Unlocked 4 models currently start at $450.
When you choose your model you will see that it is available to ship within 24 hours with free next day shipping. Getting no shipping waits is always nice, isn’t it?


Monday, 25 March 2013

App Store UDID App Access to Be Prohibited Starting May 1

UDID apps App Store support will be stopped starting May 1st. The Cupertino-based giant wants developers to create programs that do not access UDID of iOS devices. The company will simply reject iPhone and iPad apps that have Apple UDID access in a month.
Yes, this issue will finally be resolved. Most iPhone owners worry about various developers being able to get their Apple UDID access through programs loaded to the App Store. Not long ago Apple protected Apple ID with security questions and now its changed its policy again. The policy changes and no more applications will be able to get this access. Besides, there is one more rule that iOS devs must follow starting May 1.

iOS App UDID Access Ban

No More Access for UDID iPhone / iPad

The Cupertino iPhone maker wants developers of iOS apps and games to mover over to their updated policy. They have no choice because in a month the App Store won’t accept iPhone and iPad apps that access UDID. Instead, the Advertising Identifier system is offered and it replicates the use of unique identifiers for companies that create programs.
Unlike personal UDIDs, the Ad Identifier is not personal. It means that no personal info will be attached to your smartphone or tablet through the new system introduced with iOS 6.

How to Get iOS App Approve?

Here are some important notes for iOS app developers who wish to see their games and programs in the App Store. Firstly, no UDID access any more. Secondly, the applications must support iPhone 5 and all other Apple gadgets with Retina displays.
If the program still wants to get personal UDID and has no support for the sixth-gen smartphone along with Retina display devices, it will not be approved by the App Store. It seems that all the warnings are over, and the iPhone maker toughens its policy towards iOS app development, so various human interface guidelines will be useful to everyone from now on.

Source: App Store UDID to Be Prohibited Starting May 1

Compare iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4: Gorgeous Renders

The iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4 “fight” continues. Some users prefer getting a small 4-inch handset while others need a big 6-inch tablet-like gadget. It’s a personal decision, and we are not here to compare iPhone – Galaxy based on features and technical specifics. We are here to help you compare iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 in images.

It’s true that customers can’t agree on which device is best because millions of consumers can’t have the same taste on popular devices. Both smartphones have pros and cons, good and bad sides. If you just wish to see them side-by-side, keep on reading and looking at the pictures below.

iphone 5 vs galaxy s4

iPhone 5 – Galaxy S4 Facts

The sixth-generation smartphone iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen. It is elegant and loved by a lot of people worldwide who are eager to pay bunch of money for the latest models manufactured by the Cupertino-based tech giant.
Samsung, on the other hand, wants to make its smartphones as big as possible. Its Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch screen. It is different from the iOS handset, so let’s compare iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4.

compare iphone 5 and galaxy s4

Compare iPhone – Galaxy Project by Martin Hajek

This designer wanted to compate the two devices so much that he made digital models of both of them. His job is simply amazing. The project appeared on Flickr, and you can now take a look at these images to see what Hajek saw.
The contrast between the two gadgets does exist. It doesn’t mean that one smartphone is better than the other one. Each customer will find something to his taste and there are people who don’t like both handsets and choose the device by a different company.
We are not here to discuss which smartphone you want to buy or have already purchased. We are here to look at these images by Hajek and enjoy his art.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

iOS 6.1.3 Final Public Version Ends Jailbreaking

It seems that not so long ago Apple started to send beta versions of its iOS 6.1.3 out to developers for testing, and now the company announced the iOS 6.1.3 release for public. What does this firmware bring to iPhone and iPad users? What new features does it offer? Should you upgrade as soon as possible or wait a bit?

Firstly, we must say that one of the predicted iOS 6.1.3 features was enhancement to Apple Maps in Japan. This update is included in this operating system as well as some bug fixes. Secondly, firmware v6.1.3 fixes a security hole with lock screen bypass people complained about a month ago.

Download iOS 6.1.3

iOS 6.1.3 Features List

No one will access your locked smartphone once you update to iOS 6.1.3. It was possible previously, and attackers didn’t even need your password to access your iPhone. You should get the new firmware if you are worried about this security flaw discovered in v6.1.2 and 6.1.

At the same time it is impossible to use evasi0n tool with the latest operating system, so you might like to wait till the new jailbreaking solution is developed or go ahead and use our direct links to download and install iOS 6.1.3 on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch knowing that you can’t jailbreak it.

Get iOS 6.1.3 Update via These Links

Think twice before upgrading since it is now impossible to jailbreak this firmware iOS 6.1.3. If you have set your mind and ready to update, you can use over-the-air option and go to Settings – General – Software Update or launch iTunes and grab the latest Apple mobile operating system from there.

You can also use official direct links to get iOS 6.1.3 update and unlock it following the link below.

Source: Download iOS 6.1.3

New OS X 10.8.3 Features: Battery Life Boost, Improved Safari

The update to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion brings some must-have features. We are talking about Max OS X 10.8.3 system that offers a lot of different things to users along with official support for Boot Camp with platform Windows 8.

After releasing more then ten beta versions(you can read about OS X 10.8.3 beta build 12D74), the best news for all people who have been waiting for the official OS X 10.8.3 release date is the system is presented to public, and you can now download it and enjoy the rich enhancements and various bug fixes.  What will you benefit from? Should you upgrade? All the questions are answered right below the jump.

download os x 10.8.3

OS X 10.8.3 Update

Both Mac and Windows users get some improvements as they choose to upgrade to the latest Mountain Lion version. It is compatible with Boot Camp on Mac [if your hard drive is over 3TB] and Windows 8.
According to Apple, the system update fixes the problem with audi stutter for iMacs produced in 2011. It also brings Safari to version 6.0.3 letting users redeem iTunes gift cards in iTunes stores via Mac’s iSight camera. There is good news for Logic Pro owners too, as the operating system corrects plugins that didn’t respond.

Download OS X 10.8.3 Links

The Cupertino-based tech giant recommends all Mountain Lion users to get Mac OS X 10.8.3 update as it will add security and stability to your Mac experience.

There should be no more problems with stutter audio, cards printing out of order, unexpected changes in desktop images, out of order messages, etc. It will be much easier to use Facebook, Google, surf the web and add bookmarkts with the new Safari 6.0.3.

Mac OS X 10.8.3 update is must-have to MacBook Pro users with Retina display because this operating system will add over 20 minutes to your battery life. Would you like to download this system?

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Monday, 18 March 2013

iPhone Case Giving Electric Shock

A lot of phone robbery victims probably wish to create an iPhone electric shock case. And such accessory is already brought by designers from Louisiana. We will give you more information about this interesting idea that suggests to transform an ordinary handset into a device that gives a 650,000-volt electric shock.
Isn’t it curious to see how the handset can be transformed into a stun gun?

Personally I think it is cool if the cool iPhone cases are not only for fun but can also protect its owner and itself from robbery or other possible crimes. I surely wish you never get into a situation when you must apply the electroshock zapper to your attacker. I just want to share the unusual accessory design with you.

iphone electric shock case

iPhone Giving Electric Shock

You see that it’s not the smartphone itself that is turned to the stun gun. Creators made a case for iPhone 4S, 4 and called it Yellow Jacket. This accessory contains the electroshock zapper which can give pain and injury to the person it is applied to.

Don’t worry about making injury to yourself when you answer phone calls. According to case makers, it comes with a safety catch and the electrodes are covered by the rotating cap. You should open them in order to fire at your attackers, but it takes little time to do so.

The rubber electric shock case, accessory for iPhone is 1-inch thick. Its weight is 8oz when the handset is inside. You can charge the shocker using your gadget’s cable.

Price on iPhone Electric Shock Accessory

The stun gun case is offered for $85, but its developers are now asking for fan support through Indiegogo site. Anybody is welcome to pledge some money and help the idea become a reality.

The case appears in pink, black and white colors. Users who would like to get the metallic gold edition are asked to pay $150, and designers promise to release iPhone 5 case in the future.

Source:  iPhone electric shock case

Monday, 11 March 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Update Brings 20+ New Levels

iOS gamers who were waiting for the updated Angry Birds Star Wars release date can now enjoy 22 new levels, as this is how much fun episode “Escape From Hoth” brings to users with Apple devices. If you believe that the popular franchise got a bit repetitive, you should download the new variation of the game as it nicely refreshes it bringing more hours of entertainment and joy.

How does Rovio plan to surprise its fans? Should you get this app for your iDevice? Is it cool or not? Let’s see what the developers came up with in their most recent version of Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone / iPad.

angry birds star wars update

About the New Angry Birds Star Wars Release

“Escape from Hoth” is an episode with 20 brand new levels and 2 bonus levels. These are not the only additions you will get when you download this game. You will also find an awesome boss fight and mynock pigs. Hours of fun are promised to each lover of the “bird – pig” neverending story.

The Battle of Hoth finally ended with Birds barely escaping the ice planet. Pigs are eager to continue the fight, and you should watch out. Even though an asteroid field can cover your heroes, there war is not finished yet.

Personally I wait for the Angry Birds cartoons that will be released this Spring.

angry birds star wars release

Download Angry Birds Star Wars “Escape from Hoth”

The asteroid is dangerous as mynock pigs are in its belly. Watch out and try to escape in the boss fight. Remember about the bonus levels as you have to discover them.

The Angry Birds Star Wars update is available to users who bought this game for $0.99. If you wish to download it for the first time for your tablet computer you’ll have to pay $2.99 for the HD edition. iPhone users can get the game from here and iPad owners should use this link to download the new episodes.

Source: Angry Birds Star Wars Update

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Java OS X Update for SE 6

The new Java Mac OS X download is available with Java OS X 2013-002 version. This release comes with better security, so if you are a fan of Apple computers with one of the Macs you might consider getting this Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_43 and see what it delivers to you.

Keep in mind that if your system doesn’t have Java Mac OS X 2012-006 installed, the new v2013-002 will disable Java SE 6 applet. It is possible to enable this plug-in for viewing and using web pages by finding the option “Missing plug-in” and agreeing to download the Java update from Oracle.
The program was presented earlier this week. As you understood it is designed for operating system X 2013-002. Better compatibility and reliability are promised along with improved security to users who plan on downloading it.
java se 6 for os x 2013-002

How to Download Java for Mac

Here is a short guide on how to install the latest OS X Java update on your computer. Firstly you should download Java SE 1.6.0_43 from here or via Software Update. Secondly you need to make sure you are not having any web browser launched and quit other Java apps if they are running. Thirdly you can read this instruction.
We have already discussed what to do if you don’t have the software for OS X 2012-006 installed. The instruction on how to change this and enable Java SE 6 is above.
More information about the new upgrade is available via this link. You’ll read that it is developed for customers with Mac operating system v10.7 and later. It will simply uninstall Java applet plug-in provided by Apple from your browsers.

Visit this page to read more about the security of the Java update for Mac OS X. We’ll be glad to hear your comments after you install the new version of SE 6.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Popular iTunes U Course App for iPhone and iPad

The free education iTunes U content has reached one billion downloads, according to the latest report from Apple. This record is worth talking about as it means that a lot of people are interested in the improvement of education.

The iTunes U course list is one of useful iTunes apps and the biggest catalog of information with the help of which educators are able to work on lectures, books, assignments and quizzes using content from the world’s biggest libraries, various organizations and museums.

According to Eddy Cue from the Cupertino-based tech giant, iTunes U course brings a lot of new possibilities to students and educators from different countries of the world. This education app for iPad and iPhone is a chance to “learn like never before” as there is so much incredible information gathered in one source. For example, iTunes U course has already attracted more than 250 thousand students. This is just a phenomenon of our times as a lot of young minds with to learn.

U content with interesting courses on sciences, medicine, business, arts and more from over a thousand of colleges and universities is highly downloaded and very popular. Students from Cambridge, Yale, Duke, Oxford and other universities enjoy learning in a new manner through iTunes U courses enrollment.

Even non-college students are curious to get the material from iTunes U, according to professors. High school teachers also use this application to prepare for their classes. This is simply incredible!

You’ll be curious to hear that while about 40 percent of downloads comes from within the US, the other half originates from outside the country bringing international recognition to educators from different universities. It makes them happy as they are ablet to impact thousands of students from China, European countries and other places.

iTunes U content allows creating interesting courses in 30 countries. The number of countries where it is possible to access these iTunes U courses is much higher. It reaches 155. If you wish to start learning or using educational content right away, download iTunes U app for free on the App Store.

Via: Download iTunes U Course App for iPhone and iPad

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Untethered iOS 6.1.2 Jailbreak How-to Instruction [Evasi0n 1.4]

If you have an iDevice running new 6.1.2 you might like to use untethered jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 with evasi0n 1.4 tool, however, you should know that it’s not the same as when you are jailbreaking other iPhones via it. Our instruction will explain everything you need to do and you’l download evasi0n 1.4 here, after the jump.

Firstly, you should upgrade to iOS 6.1.2 using iTunes. If you have already updated via OTA you must re-update again, via iTunes this time. You should also backup all information to keep all data in case you don’t succeed.

First Step

Ok, it’s time to download evasi0n 1.4. Choose Mac, Linux or Windows version. Once it is downloaded, extract the program file.

If you are using Windows, you’ll have to run evasi0n .exe file as administrator. If you are using Mac, you’ll have to launch this app by pressing the control and open buttons at once to skip Gatekeeper.

Second Step

When you have launched evasi0n, you need to connect your iOS device to your computer. Use USB cable and wait till the exploit recognizes the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch of yours.

Third Step

The lockscreen passcode must be disabled. You can do this by opening Settings program and choosing General – Passcode Lock – Turn Passcode off. Your iTunes must also be closed before you continue.

Fourth Step

Press the Jailbreak option and enjoy watching as the jailbreaking process begins. Don’t touch anything during jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 untethered procedure.

When you are asked to unlock the gadget and find a new Jailbreak icon do so and follow further instructions. 

Press on this icon one time. It will open and close at once. Don’t worry, this is normal.

Fifth Step

Now you can watch evasi0n program begin to back up. The progress bar will move again, and soon the untethered iOS 6.1.2 jailbreak process will be over. Message “Done” will appear on your screen.

Sixth Step

Wait till your gadget restarts on its own. It can even restart a couple of times. It’s ok.

Seventh Step

You will see Evasi0n logo on a white background when iPhone, iPad or iPod touch restarts. It’s completely normal as well as such messages as “Clearing SpringBoard cache” and “Setting up Cydia” etc.

When the process finishes you will see lockscreen. Unlock the gadget and enjoy Cydia on the SpringBoard. You now have a successfully jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 6.1.2 version installed on it.

Original info: Untethered iOS 6.1.2 Jailbreak How-to Instruction

How to Download Paid Apps For Free In iTunes Store

There are the way which you can use to download paid apps for free in iTunes store using your Mac or PC and iDevice without jailbreak. There are many apps and games which are given away for free or discount. Also each week one of the paid apps gets the status of the app of the week and available absolutely free. As a rule, reduced price or sale lasts not for long.

This manual will be useful for those who are just going to buy the iPad or iPhone. As well as iPhone and iPad owners will be able to create a library of apps before buying it.

In this article, I will tell you how you can reserve an excellent application, which became free of charge for a time , even without iOS device at hand.

If you are Android user you better read how make free in-app purchase on Android devices using Freedom app.

There are many sites that allow you to track discounts on a variety of applications and sales on the web. The same applications that have recently become free, are leaders in the top 25 free apps. And the app of “The Week” shown on the main page of iTunes. In order to keep the program or game for future use you will need a Apple ID and iTunes on a Mac or PC.

Download Paid Apps for Free Using Your Apple ID

Step 1. Download iTunes on a Mac or PC, install and launch it. And make sure that you have created Apple ID. If not, then create it.
Step 2. Login to your Apple ID account (in the upper left corner of the iTunes app).
Step 3. Go to the tab of iTunes Store, then the App Store.
Step 4. Select free app or game you like. For example, one of the best apps of 2012 or the app of the week.
Step 5. Click on the “Free” and wait until the load starts.
Step 6. Then immediately stop the download by pressing “X” in the information bar or in the Downloads window.
Step 7. Now you need to delete a file from the downloads queue, to prevent automatic download after the next iTunes launch. This needs to be done, that would not take up memory on your computer programs that are not currently needed.

Download the App On iOS Device

Step 1. Open the App Store on your iOS device and go to “Purchased” on the iPad or in the Updates -> Purchased on the iPhone or iPod touch.
Step 2. Click on the icon next to the game or application in cloud, and it will be automatically downloaded to your device.

Now you can enjoy your favored app on your gadget absolutely for free.